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Welcoming Letter to Social Media

Good-morning world

this is Justin Austin:)

I will begin this Journey of life with no hesitation of exposing myself to the world of social media and what or whoever sees these words, pictures and videos.

 This is something that i really don’t want. But it seems like this is the thing to do at this time of a technology Renaissance, that we all our a part of. I believe Twitter, Facebook and others. Are really great tools to keep logs of life events and connections with other friends, family and this big but small world. It also will help me stay focus on my life of experience. So this is for the viewers and maybe medication for me as well.

I am by know means a creative writer, hell i can barley spell or put sentences together correctly:) But maybe this is practice to help those basic skills of writing and expressing one self.

I will go along with the typical posters format of showing the people places and things i achieve, or don’t reach. I will put my dreams wishes and thoughts in this virtual world with desecration on who views these blogs and post. But i do think this is a Digital Relations, i don’t want to be on a electronic island by myself. So here we are. I will not guarantee i will check in with these sites often. I will go at my pace and flow. But if your reading this as a friend, family or stranger, we are on this journey of social media life together.:)

Ego to me is a beauty and curse. I really get confused on how the braggers and hi-capers get the likes and so called friends. I guess i will be apart of that now. You know the boosting and quoting for no freaking reason just to show the world you went on a trip or eating some good food. to me who the F cares. Its probably to feel good about yourself to put these things out there, for likes. But if that helps you live sane in this crazy world, then let it be.You could see the real egotistical people that hopped on these sites quick, or it was the real lonely ones that preyed for attention. I’m neither. Attention makes me feel uncomfortable and my ego is contained , because we all do have one, i just learned how to work with mine:) And i do get lonely i guess, because i do crave for special people to enjoy this world with.

 And whats going on with the planet today? I guess you can say im kinda young, but have old school ways. I barely understand or except gay people wanting rights in America like the where born black and cant change that. But thats not the case just maybe some where born like that, but more then half choose that because of lust or wanting to fit in as a stereo typical homosexual person. Or this race integration thing. yes theres beautiful people in all races, i get that. And we should work with other rsces. But i feel like my race of people or choosing the opposite race most of the time for the right resons but wrong intentions: I.e money n status; Yes most black men and black women, and im talking about (any person that has a drop of hued African blood in them). Might have negative issues or stereo types out there, but to cast your whole righteous gender out is simply Inner Racial to me at the least, let alone genetic genocide. Yes as an inspiring geneticist i believe in Race preservation. but im also for true love too, so if you find that in a green or blue person or in a man or women i guess go for it. fyi: i adore mixed black women.. so intericial sex is a thing if beauty to me too; Just dont let it be because of prostitution or inner race hatedred if it is built on that, stand on that u guess.. Know yourself and your community and dont hate on other groups out of ingonarnace. Of course this stuff has been going on all through the begining of time. But i really do believe that you should love your culture and were you came from so why sellout, but also love the ones that dont look like you, where all one human race with variations. I dont know why as humans we do what we do but i guess this is the ways to get or feel accepted or different, if you want that kind attention of course. but hey, i look at it as: Do you, just be happy and try not to hurt the inaconecent. Iam present to witness this world in all its confusion in the 21st Century, i will just find my lane. A spot where i feel comfortable in just being me, and accepting you on just being you. I have been through so much like we all have in this crazy ass thing of life we have. But its time to except the past and live in the present and plan for the future.

Thank u for reading this incerpt :) I might have crossed some relation politics, but hey this is what’s on my mind as of 4/09/13



Happy Easter, This is the very first day of my Tumblr Journal. I would like to keep this up on a daily or weekly basis. Well see how it goes…